Van Donegal (wickenden) wrote in cocktailparty,
Van Donegal

Martini O'Clock

This I fear is a dead-zone, in terms of community. But, what the hell...

I'd like to propose an international martini o'clock day. I'm not sure how often we should have it, but why don't we have a day where everyone has a martini and toasts the setting sun with me. My martini recipe has altered in the face of solo drinking of them. But, like a friendly fast ritual, I simply take my cone above stemware and stick it in the freezer for some period. Then, I take two olives and put them on my curious skewer and spray two spritzes of vermouth into my de-freezered glass and drop the skewer carrying olives into the glass. I hurrily take this out to the garage where I have a freezer with a large bottle of tanquerey, and I simply fill the 5 or so ounzes with gin.

Et voila! A perfect solo-mio martini.

So, I'm going to propose a date. Perhaps no one is here, but if there is someone, declare your not possible times if you care to enjoy with me, in a synchronos momentito.

To all of you!
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